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Re: Willaby Driftwood Staining

When I added driftwood to my tank, I soaked it in water, weighted down
so it would not float,  for about a month prior to introducing it to the tank.
This accomplished two things:  One, I dumped out a LOT of crap that
leached from the wood.  Two, it was pre-waterlogged, and didn't try to
float nearly as bad as when I first got it, so tank disturbance was minimal.

I changed the water in the soak bucket about once a week, and the first
couple of chages yielded tea-looking stuff...  Glad it didn't get into my tank.
The third change was still tinged, and the last was barely noticable.  Thats
how I decided it was ready.

> I have found that it just takes time for the tanins to leach from the
> wood. Water changes do help. The amount of time depends on the wood I
> guess. I don't think the frequency of water changes maters. Just do it
> when ever you feel it is too dark. It will clear up however, just takes
> time. I use a lot of drift wood in my tanks. In one tank with lots of
> new drift wood it took a few months. But since then evrything is crystal
> clear.