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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 15:01:54 -0500From: Lance 

Probably is a pigmy sword chain plant. Go to http://www.azgardens.com/
and look at their catalog. They have some pictures there. (Maybe
someone else can give you a better site, but that one is ok)

Tuttle <thellance at yahoo_com>
Subject: Unkown Plant
I have pick up a plant that I cannot identify nor can any of my friends
or assoiates that are intrested in this hobby.  I looks like an amazon
sword.  The largest that I have is about 2 inches high.  The leaves are
very thin and narrow.  It seems to reproduce by sending out a stem and
every inch or two another of these plabts form.  If anybody has run into
it or knows what the nome is I would be very intrested.  Thanks
thellance at hotmail_com
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