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Willaby Driftwood Staining

Hello List-

I have just got my new heavily planted 26 gallon flatback tank up and =
running.  In this tank I have a fairly large, and a medium sized piece =
of willably driftwood.  As per instructions I boiled the driftwood first =
to get rid of any shipping sediments.  Unfortunately it said nothing =
about the driftwood staining the water.  My tank water is a light shade =
of iced tea.  Not unbearable, but not crystal clear.  I am running an =
Eheim filter.  Since my new tank has only been up a week, I have yet to =
do a water change.  Will this staining eventually clear up with regular =
water changes, or does the driftwood need to be coated with some kind of =
sealer? If it needs to be sealed, what exactly should I use?


Mike G.