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RE: Flourite

>Tom Fischer asked about Seachem's Flourite.  Tom, if you have web access,
>you should check out the archives of this list at
>www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants.  You can search the archives based on
>keywords, and 'flourite' will generate a fairly long list.

Regarding that list of archived posts, I'd like to make one correction. I
believe that in one of them, I described Flourite as a fired calcined clay -
indicating my belief (at least at the time) that it was "fired" in a kiln as
part of the processing process. I'm not so sure anymore if this is the case.

Dr. Morin, could you please comment on this? You stated at one point I
believe that Flourite was a naturally mined material. Is it subjected to
high heat (fired) during processing (to increase internal pore space I would
assume) or is it just cleaned, crushed and bagged?

James Purchase