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RE: George Booth on the benefits of substrate heat

Thanks George, for correcting my impression..

>No, George B. thinks that the benefits of substrate heat are only
>observable in the long term as greater tank stability.
>I have NOT observed better growth when comparing similar tank set ups with
>and without coils (both having laterite in the substrate).  Both grew
>plants equally well. I DID observe that the tank without coils developed
>problems (more algae, slower growth, certain plants didn't do as well)
>after 12-18 months.

So, if I wated to look at the effects of substrate heat vs no substrate
heat, would it be better to have two separate tanks set up (equal in all
respects other than the presence of substrate heating cables in one) rather
than attempting to look at it in one tank (one half of the substrate getting
substrate heat, the other not)?

Would diffusion from the substrate into the water column complicate or
negate any observations made if I tried to look at this in a tank with only
half of the substrate heated?

James Purchase