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Re: peat

I have at my disposal two Aquarium Pharmaceuticals water purifer set ups.  I
was thinking that I could empty the columns of the resin etc. and replace it
with peat.  Then use these peat filled columns for peat filtration set up in
series. The tap water would then have to pass through 2 columns worth of
peat and a 3 inch layer of fine particle carbon (smaller than hobby grade)
in the top of the second column.

Has anyone tried anything like this?  Could it provide the beneficial
effects of peat without the usual system of storing water for a week with
peat in it?  Or does it really require a long length of time in regards to
water exposure to the peat for the water softening etc. effects to happen?

I'd like to get some info and/or opinions before I go out and bring home a
big block of peat moss.  I live in an apartment and I really don't have room
to store big buckets of water.  Unfortunately there does not appear to be a
product on the market which contains peat extract with no phosphate.  If
there is, can someone give me a name?

G. Kadar