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Re: RE: Ducks, Laterite and Clay... Amen!

James Purchase set me straight with:

>Whoa! Alysoun, please refer back to my initial post. Read it again, please.
>You seem to be mis-reading me on at least one level. When I said that while
>all laterites are clays, but not all clays are laterite, I meant just that.
>I drew absolutely NO distinction between Dupla brand Duplarit G and Karl
>Schoeler's Substrate Gold.

>from everything I have been able to read on it, Substrate Gold IS "genuine
>laterite", and I would venture an extremely well educated guess that it
>give results every bit as good as Dupla's more expensive product.

Gotcha -- I had picked up the impression, from an earlier thread on
Substrate Gold, that it was not bona fide laterite.  Thanks for clearing
this up!