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Re: Young SAEs and Algae Eating Sharks

> From: Hoa Nguyen <nguyenh at nosc_mil>
> Subject: Young SAEs

> long.  The black stripe does run to the end of the tail, and the fins are
> transparent.  The mouth is non-sucking.  However, there is a light stripe
> above the black one.  Do young SAEs tend to have a light stripe above the
> black stripe?  How do I tell for sure these are the real mccoys.  I want to

Very young SAEs (1" or so) often seem to have a light stripe over the
black, but it is not as bright as on false siamensis.  I have never seen
very young flying foxes, but your fish sound a lot like SAE babies.

> From: Christopher Ferrell <csferrel at eos_ncsu.edu>
> Subject: Flourite / Algae Eating Sharks

> Also, I have spotted an "Algae Eating Shark" at my LFS.  It looks similar to a red
> tailed shark but is not quite as streamlined and dones't have the red fins.  It's
> body is all black.  It has 2 small barbels.  They want 6.99 for the guy (they only

I think that you have a black shark, Labeo (Morulius) chrysophekadion
there.  It probably eats algae, but as it gets 60-70 cm (over 2 ft) long
don't get it unless you have a REALLY big tank or you are planning to
eat it later.