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Re: Heating cables

My significant other is a hot-house flower, and over the years I have
become one as well.  Our house is very evenly heated and moderately warm
year-round (72-74 F).  The tank room is warmer (lights, etc).  Few of my
tanks have any heaters, and those that do have such are rarely on due to
waste heat from pumps and lights.  Most tanks run mid- to upper-70s, the
most brightly lighted will hit 80 F in the late afternoon/evening.  Due
to this I have never even tried substrate heating as I could see no
possible benefit from a system that would never come on. 

 What sort of ambient temperature do those folk seeing positive result
fron substrate heating have in the tank environs?

I have been curious for some time if there was not some minimum
tank/room differential before such systems could show positive benefit.