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Anyone using Algone filter media?

I received an email from this company touting the benefits of this new
filter media. It's supposed to be a plant fiber that is used as filter media
and keeps nitrates at a manageable level. I emailed them back asking about
the effect on minerals and nutrients in a planted aquarium and the reply
"Algone should not have any effect on your supplement doses. Algone will
reduce the nitrate levels in your tank. All of our experiences show that
Algone has no adverse effect on plant growth. Nitrate levels just below 10
ppm are adequate for healthy plant growth. The effectiveness of Algone as an
algal control is that it does not compete for nutrients with your aquarium
plants, but rather eliminates nitrates not needed by your plants, hence
depriving them from algae."

Sounds promising to me. Anyone out there trying this stuff?