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Re: McKenzie Glacial Rock Flour

Is this material from Northern Canada?  The McKenzie river delta per

Glacial rock flour, from a geologic perspective, is simply very finely
ground up rock.  Generally it is silt sized, which is larger than clays,
but finer than sand.  As such it will likely not have the CEC of a clay,
but would also settle out of the water faster.

Because of this it may or may not do very much for the plants.  One of the
reasons people also talk about clay is their very fine size which provides
them, in general, with high CEC.

Thanks James for putting forth on the laterite issue.  I feel the same way
as he does about the misues of terms.  Also not all kitty litter has to be
an expanding clay.  I have used the cheap red bag walmart stuff, and it is
not an expanding clay as are the typical clumping styles.

Hope this helps.
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