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Red pottery clay

Yes inded, Bob is correct.  Actual clay used by the people who make actual
pottery, the kind that's fired in a kiln, is carried by art stores, and some
craft stores.  Usually you can find it powdered and sold in whatever amounts.
It's red because it is an iron-rich clay.  Yes, that's right, it's mud.  At
the Job From Hell, I had to teach kids how to replicate ancient Native
American pottery, and we started by digging red clay from the creek bank.  I
*don't* recommend this for a fish tank because pollution is so very common.
The red clay available to potters comes from natural sources, and used to be
mud, but is now dry and powdered.  Check out dickblick.com for pottery clay.
The shipping is expensive, but it will give you a price range to expect.  Now,
modleling clay or the stuff that's sold as Sculpey and other brand names is
NOT clay.  It's some sort of polymer.