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Clay of any sort

>Karen Randall writes:
>>If you're talking about red "art clay", that's something else again.

Bob Dixon wrote:

>Just for the record, it's redart, and while it is used in pottery making, it
>isn't an "Art clay".  Folks who may go looking for red art clay without
>recognizing the distinction will probably end up with colored modeling clay.
>I see a lot of fols on the list calling it "red art clay", and it can lead to
>confusion for some,

Actually I was talking about any red potters clay.  Some people may be
talking about a specific brand, others are just talking about any red clay.
 Thanks for mentioning that there actually is a brand by that name.

>just like "Flourite" did for the geologists on this list
>last summer.  There is a mineral called flourite, but Flourite is an aquarium

The mineral is fluorite.  You're right.  Spell things wrong and it gets
mighty confusing.<g>