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Re: Flourite

> I may have missed earlier discussions of this topic, and if so, I apologize
> for retreading old ground, but my interest has been piqued by the recent
> references to Flourite. Is this a name-brand product? (The capital F would
> seem to indicate it is.) If so, who makes it, and is it available from
> mail-order sources? Does it have anything to do with the mineral fluorite?
> What color, texture, and size is it? Does it need to be mixed with
> fertilizers or other amendments before use?

Yes, Flourite is a product of Seachem Laboratories.

It should be available from mail order sources.
It has nothing to do with the mineral fluorite, actually an 
unintentional coincidence when we named it.

It is mainly a dark red color, texture is, well, like fire hardened 
clay... the size is anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch (depending on where 
you measure it).

It does not need to be mixed with any fertilizers or anything else. 
It provides a rich source of iron and should not need to be changed 
out for several years (perhaps never). It obviates the need for 
laterite as it does everything laterite does without any of the 
disadvantages of laterite while also acting as the primary gravel bed.

If you have any more questions let me know.

-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM