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Re: Crazy SAEs

> >From: mrambo <mrambo at pacwest_net>
> >Subject: Crazy SAEs

> >paradise? I watch and watch and watch, and finally see the culprits. 2
> >of my SAEs are taking turns "nibbling" on my angel. And not just on my

Right, SAEs are supposed to be peaceful, but they are still barbs.  Barbs
like such nice and peaceful community fish like tiger barbs and rosy
barbs...  Anyway, SAEs most often leave other fish alone.  Just one and
curious SAEs might try to "taste" their new tankmates mut they normally
only do that for a day or two and then leave them alone.  I have heard of
one other case where (supposedly) true SAEs harassed and eventually killed
an angelfish.  But it doesn't sound very "SAEish" behaviour to me. 

> >The foxes have the extra, light whitish stripe over the black one, and
> >both the stripes extend only to the base of the tail. Adult foxes 
> >sometimes have a bit of red in their tails, like my two. 

These are not "true" flying foxes aka Thai flying foxes but false
siamensis, Garra cambodgiensis.  Flying foxes have a golden, not whitish,
stripe over the black, the black goes all the way to the fork of the tail
and there is no reddish but black and white on their fins.

> >SAE's black stripe extends to the end of the fish, they have no extra
> >stripe, a few more barbels, 

Whoa there!  True SAEs have just one pair of barbels!  Flying foxes
have two pairs, and false siamensis have (unlike we say in the old 
article) two pairs too, the other pair is very small and difficult to see.