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RE: H. difformis as a ground cover

	Karen Randall wrote:

> I haven't had any luck with Glosso, and when I've grown Hydrocotyle, it
> has
> been very unruly, and lept for the surface at any opportunity.  I _can_
> speak to the subhect of H. difformis as a ground cover, however.  It's
> easy
> as pie.  Just mow it down.  It gets bushier and bushier.
> Karen Randall
> Aquatic Gardeners Association
	Hi all,

	I've fallen behind on reading the APD's, so if this has already been
discussed, I apologize and will get to it eventually.

	I am trying to grow H. difformis as a ground cover.  I started out
by planting cuttings that had originally been growing vertically.  Within a
week each of these cuttings will grow two new horizontal shoots at ground
level, which I hold down with 'U' shapes wires pushed into the substrate.  I
then cut the stem right above the new shoots and replant the cutting in a
different location.

	So far this has worked great, but I was wondering what Karen meant
by "mowing it down".  I have never had H. difformis get bushier after being
trimmed.  It just puts out another shoot and continues on it's merry way.

	Bob Ashcraft