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Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

On Feb 7,  3:48pm, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
> According to a post a short while back, we now know that
> hydrogen peroxide will do the job. What would be the action?
> Does it simply breakdown and release oxygen into the water?
> Is that the bactericidal effect?

After the hydrogen peroxide is spot applied to a plant leaf
with cynobacteria, I can see some bubbles appear between
the layer of cyno and the leave almost immediately.

I don't think hydrogen peroxide is breaking down super fast
in a tank.  Plants don't start pearling (symptom of water
over-satuated with oxygen) a couple of hours or so after
dosage.  So my guess is it is the bactericidal effect that
kills the cyno, but increasing in oxygen level might have
helped to prevent it from coming back.

Please note that I am not even remotely close being a chemist
or a biologist, so this is only my guess and can be very

As for the tank, the cyno has grown back a little.  There
is no big sheet of cyno yet.  I am being cautious and
put 1 oz of hydrogen peroxide into the 35 gallon tank last
night.  In the meantime, I am re-evaluating my set up
as a low light tank.  The high pH (alkalinity 1.5 meq/L,
pH 7.9-8.2) points out the tank is CO2 limited.  May be
it is time to find that yeast bottle in the closet.

Louis Lin