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OK, I'm hooked. I'm ready. Where can I get plants?

I've been studying, researching, reading, and keeping fish for over a 
year.  I admire all of the pictures in the Amano books and think 
he's an artistic genius.  If only I could fashion a planted tank as half 
as spectacular as his.

I have sufficient light, CO2 injection, daily fertilization, good 
substrate, all of the ingredients for a (hopefully) successful planted 

My question is, where can I find plants (on-line, or mail order by 
phone) besides the usual variety I find at my pet store?

I'm looking for Alternanthera reineckii, Myriophyllum tubercalatum, 
Didiplis diandra, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala macrandra (ok, that's 
common), Lobelia cardinalis, Eleocharis parvula, Baryclaya 
longifolia, Nymbhea lotus, Aponogeton crispus, and Echinodorus 

Can someone recommed a good source?  Thanks, I'd truly 
appreciate it.

 - Eric Golden