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Something is eating my plants

I have a 29 gallon planted tank... The plants are all recovering from a
pleco that I removed two weeks ago (he ran out of algae, and decided that
the plants tasted good)...  I noticed tonight, that one of my crypts (I have
no clue what species) has large portions of one of its leaves eaten away
(you can see the bite marks)... other plants in the tank include, A.
Ulveacius (a fav of the pleco), Cambomba (another pleco treat), Amazon
Swords, some acornus, some spiral val, and another species of crypt.  I list
these b/c I am kind of confused as to why what ever ate this crypt chose it
over the other plants???????
The inhabitants of the tank include:
2 of the japonais shrimp
5 SAEs
3 clownloachs (ranging from 3" to 4.5" long)
4 Tigerbarbs
1 Zebra Danio (can't catch him amongst the plants)
2 Figure Eight Puffers
1 young Male Betta
oh yeah, and I just moved a female Kribensis into that tank today (would she
eat a crypt?)
Daniel Boyer
<dpboyer at axs2k_net>