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Tetra Mess - All's Well That Ends Well

Hello APDers,
    Thanks to all who responded to my post yesterday about The Great Tetra
Initial Stick Disaster of '99. Following suggestions from listers, I drained
most of the water while vacuuming the gravel.
    I'm pleased to say that the rest of the installation and planting went
pretty well. It was looking bleak for a while there. Tonight the plants are
happily bubbling away (90 watts and DIY CO2) and the water is clear. All in
all, it was a learning experience. I don't think I'll touch Tetra Initial
Sticks again. And if I ever use a piece off driftwood that big, I'll glue it
to the bottom of the tank. Next time I'll...   ...learn new lessons!
    Oh yeah, that bloody piece of driftwood with the Java ferns looks nice now
that I can see it. :^)

Kind regards,
Mark Stahlke
I love learning, I just wish I didn't have to do it the hard way all the time.