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This chemical is used to treat  both acute and chronic heavy metal (lead)
poisoning in humans.  It is also
used in "chelation" therapy which is officially sanctioned in the US but not
in Canada.  In addition, it is the substance that chelates calcium when
dentists are performing root canal treatments.

EDTA is also used as a stabilizing agent in certain injections and eye-drop
Take a look sometime at the ingredients of such prepared food items, as
Mayonnaise, some salad dressings (probably ranch dressing) and a myriad of
other things, that may surprise you.  The stuff is all over the place.

Given it's extensive use in "invasive" therapies for human beings, perhaps
the information written about
in a previous post is refering to extremely high levels of EDTA.  The amount
of EDTA introduced into an aquarium via PMDD is almost insignificant.
Furthermore, it's use would be banned in hydroponic gardening if it would be
a major carcinogen.  There would go all the greenhouse grown vegetables.

EDTA passes through the gill membranes of fish.  It also passes through the
membranes of the kidney and is thus excreted in the urine.

Perhaps there was some confusion as to EDTA and NTA.
Who was this 'unnamed' toxicologist?

Now please, I really hate having to dust off my old textbooks.

G. Kadar