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Re:Explosions and Halogen pucks

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

> >
> >Yes, it is!  I've used Substrate Gold in this way. As I recall, you > >add
> >a little bit of water, smush it into balls, bake it at 350 or so for > >a
> >few minutes, and shove it into the substrate.  It's been a while, so
> >someone else should probably post a better set of directions.  Maybe
> >Jennifer Glover would be willing to post her Substrate Gold Christmas
> >cookie recipe?
> 1) I tried to make some planttabs this way once using gardern > fertlizer.
> Being too impatient to use the oven, I used the microwave. It blew
> up, the door flew open and a cloud of smoke erupted. Ammonium nitrate 
> oh yeah, I rememeber now.
Yeah, someone tried this before and it resulted in the Oklahoma City
bombing.  A microwave is NOT an instant oven. 

> 2) Wandering in that great bastion of aquaruist supplies ("Canadian Tire")
> yesterday I noticed a new lighting source that should be of interest to
> aquarists. They're called "Halogen pucks" and are about the same size
> as a hocky puck. They come three to a package, have a 20 W tiy halogen bulb
> in each one and have a glass shield over the bulb. $30 CDN. Looks promising.

I've had them over my kitchen sink for years.  The Home Depot sells them
in various wattages and colors.  They're quite powerful but fairly
spotty, unless you mount them high enough.  Make sure the store carries
the correct replacement bulbs.  Can't beat the price and they're energy
efficient (low voltage, transformer included)