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RE: PMDD - N-P-K Free???

I obviously misread Bob Dixon's post:

>> Bob Dixon is looking for a source for the PMDD chemicals.

I recommed that he contact Homegrown Hydroponics - they sell the PMDD
constiruents in small quantities, at very reasonable prices. But Bob

>No I'm not.  I'm looking for something premixed that has a close enough
>nutrient ratio that I can use it as PMDD.
>Buying all those chemicals is impractical.  Storing
>all the leftovers is impossible.  Unfortunately, it appears that no
>hydroponics supply manufacturers are making anything that is free of N-P-K.

Mmmmmm, Bob, perhaps you had better go re-read the original Sears-Conlin
article again. PMDD is not N-P-K free. Quite the reverse. The beauty of PMDD
is that you can mix it in small batches and vary the ratio of N-P-K to suit
the conditions of your tank. If you only want the Trace Element Mix,
Homegrown also sells that an will sell it separately. All of the chemicals
for PMDD are packaged in under 8 oz quantities so there isn't a problem with
large bags of leftover chemicals.

But PMDD is not for everyone - sounds to me like you are one of them. You
want a premixed supplement in a small size which is affordable to you.

May I ask why you are looking to limit the amount of Potassium in your tank?
(The K in N-P-K?). Potassium is an essential element and is quite often
deficient in tap water.

James Purchase