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Explosions and Halogen pucks

>Yes, it is!  I've used Substrate Gold in this way. As I recall, you add
>a little bit of water, smush it into balls, bake it at 350 or so for a
>few minutes, and shove it into the substrate.  It's been a while, so
>someone else should probably post a better set of directions.  Maybe
>Jennifer Glover would be willing to post her Substrate Gold Christmas
>cookie recipe?  

1) I tried to make some planttabs this way once using gardern fertlizer.
Being too impatient to use the oven, I used the microwave. It blew
up, the door flew open and a cloud of smoke erupted. Ammonium nitrate -
oh yeah, I rememeber now.

2) Wandering in that great bastion of aquaruist supplies ("Canadian Tire")
yesterday I noticed a new lighting source that should be of interest to
aquarists. They're called "Halogen pucks" and are about the same size
as a hocky puck. They come three to a package, have a 20 W tiy halogen bulb
in each one and have a glass shield over the bulb. $30 CDN. Looks promising.

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