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High Phosphate levels from tap

Hello all,

     I recently e-mailed my local water authority  about the phosphate,
nitrate, etc. levels in my tap water.  He replied:

Total phosphorous: .7 mg/L
Nitrate:                  .4 mg/L
Iron:                    <50 ug/L
Flouride:                .9 mg/L
Sodium:                4500 ug/L
Zinc:                      120 ug/L

Is there anything here to be concerned about?
I have measured the phosphate levels in my water to be in excess of 5 ppm,
much higher than .7 ppm.  Is there a difference between total phosphorous and
phosphate?  If so, is there an equation to convert the reading to phosphate?
Also, what are ug/L?  I am assuming that means micrograms per Liter. (.000001