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Re: Co2 method and Rotala mac

First post!!!! Celebration time.

Olga wrote...	

Co2... <snip>

>>>About my Rotala mac. What is it with this plant anyway?? It was nice and
big and red. Then it went mottled green and the tops died... they looked
kind of chewed... maybe the Angel fish is eating the new leaves??...
anyway, then they came in looking lovely and red again... two days latter
the new leaves are transparent mush! What the #%#**@ is going on?
<a little later>
A light tube died
yesterday so has probably been not so good for awhile. (I know, I know I
should change bulbs more often.) Could lower light cause the transparent
mushy look?<<<

	From my experience and reading, Rotala mac. loves a LOT of light.
Remember that a tube's life is only rated at the median of a test group.
In other words, half of the test group lasted longer and the other half did
not last as long.
	Has anyone ever posted or done research on the "golden years" of tubes?
(I admit haven't looked around yet)

in Santa Barbara debating on whether to take sunglasses or an umbrella out

Darin Simmons
darin at silcom_com