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Fertilizer balls

>I was thinking of making fertilizer balls out of modeling clay, Osmocote
>pellets, and Micronized Iron. The clay is Plastalina Modeling Clay that
>never hardens. Has anybody tried this or have any advise? I want to do
>this in an all gravel established aquarium that needs help.

Really _REALLY_ bad idea.  I'm not sure what plasticine is, but I know it's
not clay, and I know it''s very oily as well as having a water soluble
component.  I'm _sure_ it's not a good thing to put in a tank.  When people
talk about "art clay" they're talking about clay used by potters... Real
clay that is thrown or otherwise molded, then fired in a kiln.  I wouldn't
use that either, but there's a better chance of not poisoning your tank
with that than with plasticine.