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Update-Re:Bob Dixon and his lights

Dr. Kadar writes:

> >... So I incompetently crawled around on the web until I found
>  >his boss's email address, and forwarded a couple of his "replies"...
>  Thanks a lot!  I just spit my coffee all over the front of my sweatshirt!
>  I should have known that I read this stuff for more than pure info
>  gathering. ;)

I spoke with the boss a few weeks ago adn was informed that he had been
canned.  I ordered some plants.  The order came in screwed up.  After three
days of evening phonecalls and emails to "Donna" who is in charge of the plant
shipping, I have detirmined the following:
1) If your order is screwed up, you'd better be able to make long distance
phone calls between 9-5 Eastern time, because that's the only time anyone
connected with customer service is available.  Since I work at those times,
and my boss is not keen on me riunning up his phonebill for personal business,
I'm stuck.

2) What looks like jungle val to me looks like corkscrew and spiralis to

3)Even though I can't find the Echinodorus quadricostatus in the package, it
is indeed here.  Somewhere.  All the other stuff was checked off on the slip
of paper that was included in dieu of an invoice.  The broadleaf chainsword
was not checked off.  But it is here.  I just can't see it.

4) When emailing Donna, be sure not to include a full description of the
problem.  it confuses her. "Such long and detailed emails make it difficult
for us to ascertain your problem".  ???

5) If you do call with a problem after hours or on the weekend, be sure to
leave your message with Kathy.  She will assure you that Donna got the
message.  Donna will respond to your email only to assure you that she didn't.

So, this morning I told Kathy I would be happy to just call it even and do my
shopping elsewhere, but Kathy assured me that wasn't acceptable.  But if Donna
does not respond to my latest email in something of a helpful manner, I have
decided to just drop it.

Downhearted in Boise,
Bob Dixon