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Re: Bob Dixon

James Purchase writes:

> Bob Dixon is looking for a source for the PMDD chemicals.

No I'm not.  I'm looking for something premixed that has a close enough
nutrient ratio that I can use it as PMDD.  With Dupla out of the market for
now, there is nothing avialable that I can find.  I have been on this list for
a while now, but am just finally ready to set up a _serious_ planted tank.  I
share a small, three-bedroom apartment with 4 kids.  I share my limited income
with those same 4 kids.  Buying all those chemicals is impractical.  Storing
all the leftovers is impossible.  Unfortunately, it appears that no
hydroponics supply manufacturers are making anything that is free of N-P-K.  I
was planning to use Job's spikes in order to keep down the algae by limiting
water column macronutrients.  Doesn't look like that is going to happen now.

Bob Dixon