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?Laterite injectible?

Someone was wondering about what to do if they don't have any balls
(laterite balls that is).

I was just thinking: what if you make a slurry of laterite (or Substrate
Gold)?  Draw it up into an irrigation syringe and push the syringe down into
the substrate and inject.

Irrigation syringes are all plastic with a curved tip.  The tip can be cut
so that the hole is the right size to pass the slurry.  You can get one from
your dentist (for free, if you're nice) or buy one from the pharmacist at
your local drug store. Oral surgeons often give them out to their patients
after wisdom tooth extraction. (Ouch).

All those people who want to augment their substrate should be able to do so
without major work on their tanks.

G. Kadar