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Fantastic tank room

Roger wrote:

>Steve Pushak suggested piping in sounds to work with the jungle decor.  I
>won't do that, but it started me thinking about keeping birds (caged) in
>the area.  I've always liked finches; do y'all think the three cats are
>likely to cooperate with that?

Depends on the cats.  I had a cat for 15 years, and kept birds most of that
time.  Then my husband got a cat with a different disposition.  Her sole
goal in life was to get the birds.  When she knocked the cage off the top
of a 6 1/2' cabinet and killed my canary, I didn't replace the canary.  (I
would have rather gotten rid of that darned cat, but I got out voted)  The
only other consideration is that birds must be kept warm and draft free.
So you need to position their cage so that:

1. The cats can't get them
2. They are away from any direct sunlight or cold spots caused by the sky
3. That you can still reach it for regular cleaning, feeding, watering, and
just enjoying the birds.

If you don't have any past bird experience, probably the easiest and
hardiest (and least expensive) finches are Zebra Finches and Society
Finches.  Both come in both natural forms and lots of man-made varieties.
Both will breed readily in a roomy cage with a nest basket, and watching
them raise babies is almost as much fun as watching a pair of Kribs herd
their kids around.<g>  Zebras dont "sing" but make pleasant little "bird"
noises.  Male Society finches sing with gusto... Not very well, but very