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Perfecto and AGA

Anton writes:

>I just received a shipment from That Pet Place of a 24" SHO striplight as
>well as Perfecto's 36" unit.....while Ive learned to sneak things into the
>house when making new purchases for my tanks from online lists(thank God its
>winter ...amazing what you can hide under a jacket) these I simply stuck away
>for future use....
>     Given my past experiences with regular 48" double fourescents from
>Perfecto I guess I should've known better...the 24" unit was completely
>seperated from its housing..the 2 areas which attach the two pieces were
>broken....the 36" unit seems much better although a nut came sliding out of
>the box before the rest of the unit did...something tells me this isn't a
>spare part....That Fish Place made good on it for me...they promised even to
>send me a UPS sticker so I wont have to pay to send it back...
>    Afetr a long talk with my LFS plant guy(OK..I'm lucky) he said he bought
>all his compact flourescent fixtures from what I heard as AGA....I think
>what he said..he didn't want the owner of the store to hear as well as my
>were still stuffed from the flu.....I looked through all my mnthly magazines
>and didn't find any place of business called AGA...any clues?

I recently bought a 36" double strip fixture by Perfecto from Pet Warehouse.
I was looking for one from All Glass Aquarium (aka AGA) because the quality of
Perfecto products has always disappointed me.  Sure enough, when it arrived,
one of the ballasts was loose.  The screws were holding it, and all but out.
As I was examining it in an inverted position, wouldn't you know the ballast
fell away and the screws were free.

While searching the web site at PetS Warehouse I got a hint that they carry
AGA strip lights, but their search engine was not up to the task, so I got the
Perfecto unit at Pet Warehouse, since the person at PetS Warehouse who
answered my emails went out of his way to inform me that my problem was my
computer incompetence and not his web site.  Several times on several
correspondences.  So I incompetently crawled around on the web until I found
his boss's email address, and forwarded a couple of his "replies".  Last month
I was talking to the boss and was advised that this young man had been
replaced.  Right now I am entangled in trying to get a wrongly-filled plant
order from them straightened out, and apparently no one there knows how to do

I can get the All Glass unit locally for about twice the price, and if I can't
find it on the web next time, I guess I will rather than settle for Perfecto's

Bob Dixon