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Dupla Laterite/Substrate Gold Laterite

I have been noticing the furvor that has ensued on the list, now that Dupla products
may no longer be available in the United States, especially in regards to laterite. 
Now this may be another case of beginner's confusion, but isn't Substrate Gold also
laterite?  It just comes from the United States and not Malaysia, where Dupla's comes
from?  I know that I used Substrate Gold, and it looked like laterite!  Not exactly
scientific, but the web page for it says it is laterite and I even heard about it
from this list.  It is cheaper (probably because it is local and not from around the
world), has some extra enriching stuff in it, and as a plus, I know it won't
introduce some nasty tropical bug into my local area.  (don't laugh, I heard an
internet rumor about a possible US import ban on dupla laterite, due to some microbe
found in some of the samples.  And we all listen to internet rumors, right?)

I just want to be sure that I haven't accidently used some "fake" laterite.  I am
really trying to follow the ideas expressed by Horst and Kipper, in the Optimum
Aquarium, but I didn't necessarly want to buy their products.  It is all about money,
like most things in life.

Jennifer Glover 
(lurker, now definately out of hiding)