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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #824

In regard to the query of how to get the Aponogeton seeds from a blooming
plant.    I believe that you probably  have an emersed flower.   In addition,
I believe that you should pollinate by means of water pollination for the best
success.   Try a small amount of water in a small container (water from the
aquarium).    Dip the flower into the bowl  to float the pollen and allow them
to coat the stigma (uppermost portion of the pistil of the flower).
Then allow the plant to do the rest.    An alternative method would to use a
pair of forceps to remove some anthers with their yellow pollen bearing sacks
and rub them on the stigmas of the female parts of the flower (The pistils)
which should be located in the central portion of the flower.   I recommend
the former as easier etc..  

Elmer Morehouse

A 2 year lurker-having so much fun here that it ought to be illegal.