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Serious Hair Algae Problem!

Hi all,
      I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction here. I
have a heavily planted 10 gal. and lately I have noticed hair-like(is it
algae?) growing on the leaves of most of the plants(a couple Echinodorus
sp., green/red hedge and hairgrass). It seems to pretty much be on the
leaves closest to the surface of the water. BTW, the pH = 6.5, DH ~3.5-4,
ammonia/nitrite = 0 and nitrate is fairly low also despite an 18-6-8
fertilizer. There is 60W of Chroma 50's. Anyway, any advise would be
appreciated. I have tried rubbing it off but it seems pretty stubborn and
the ottos don't seem to do much about it. Thanks.
Ryan Ingram