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Ok, so whats the deal with this stuff? Is red potters clay good enough ?
is kitty litter as good ? Does the brand of laterite make any difference ?

The Dupla stuff was supposed to be from Malaysia as far as I know, will
laterite from other countrues work ?

Is it feasable ship a great whack of the stuff (a few hundred pounds, say)
to North America and then divide is up and send out small packages of it
to needy poeple ? How much processing and of what kind does it need.

FWIW, the first real luck I had with plants was when I was in '73
or so when I dug up some red clay from my back yard and put some
in the bottom of a small dish, covered it with gravel and stuck
3 Aponogeton crispus (or what passes for crispus) in it. They
filled a 30 gallon tank.


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