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Reestablishing a Plant tank

I am in the process of restoring a "used to be" planted tank. Algae is on
the gravel (bg I think) and on the walls of the tank. There is only a
single small amazon in the 55 gal tank. Fish are one discus, 3 cories, 3
sae. I probably will move the discus out and put in angels. Filtration is a
single sponge AquaClear filter. No other things done to the tank beyond
weekly water changes.

Any suggestions beyond looking at the Krib files which I am doing now. What
is the most efficient way to get rid of the algae quickly and restablishing
a low maintenance planted tank?

I know that these are broad questions that have probably been asked 1000
times. Thanks for any help. Now on to the Krib  and Booth sites for
contemplation ...