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>Bolbitis is very much a low light,low temperature plant,growing pretty
>slowly,much like Anubias sp. (or java ferns) :-)

I grow it under 3w/g T-8's, and it grows quite quickly.  Not like Water
sprite by any means, but I need to divide it every couple of months or it
will take over 1/3 of a 70G tank.  Javs fern grows a lot faster than
Anubias too.  BTW, I grow Bolbitis at 68F in my son's unheated Axolotl
tank, and at 78F in other tanks.  It grows bigger and faster in the warmer
tanks, though that's probably not the deciding factor.  It also gets better
light, supplemental CO2 and regular nutrient supplementation in these
larger tanks.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association