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Re: Subject: Sword turning yellow

>Amazons, among other plants are heavy root-feeders.  If the rest of your
>plants in your tank are doing fine why dose the water column with Nitrates?
>I would first try some NPK tabs deep in the root zone of the problem
>plant(s) first (like very little, like a 1/4 to 1/2 of a commercial plant
>tab.  If you succeed then follow up with more tabs or even DIY NPK/Laterite
That is a very good point that they are heavy root feeders and your 
approach is more efficent pherhaps.  However, I have observed no adverse 
affects to dosing directly in to the water column.  In addition most tabs 
have phosphate in them.  I try not to place anything with phosphate other 
that fishfood within a 10 ft radius of my tank, because it is almost 
always reponsiable for algae in one shape or form. IN addition the fish 
food generally provides sufficent phosphate so that no deficincies are 
ever seen.  Fish food generally doesn't provide enough nitrogen for the 
plants.  Even if the other plants are not showing a deficincy  potassium 
nitrate can't hurt them.

However, if this doesn't work just put some crushed coral under the 
sword. That would provide it with an abundance of calcium. If you do have 
water with a low and soft ph I REALLY envy you.  It's a good problem to 
have.  One that is easily solved.

Good luck,
Javablue at concentric_net