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Re: Echinodorus, nutrient defiancy symptoms, APD v3 #824

Morten wrote..................
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 11:58:36 +0100
From: Morten Karlsen <markii at online_no>
Subject: Echinodorus, nutrient defiancy symptoms

Well, I'm having problems with my Ech. sp's.

New leaves aren't dark green as they should be, more pale - and they
also have dark "streaks". Have anyone seen this before?

I really would prefer to keep my tank without test-kits, let the plants
tell me what they need. Are there descriptions of defiancy symptoms out


Well you can see Neil Franks nutrient deficiency post on the Krib under
plants-fertilizers-nutrient deficiencies
(http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/nutrient-deficiency.html),   but
this is only an aid to be combined with at least some testing.  There is
also a lot of info on the net searching "nutrient deficient" using your
favorite search engine

If I had to guess, this sounds like Iron deficiency by lack or over
abundance of other nutrients may inhibit the uptake of Iron. You can't win
easily this is the beauty of planted tanks!  If the "steaks" are the nerves
or leaf veins it could be the dreaded "Christmas Tree" effect.  Check out
the APD archives....... Quoting George Booth's post from the ADP:

"This sounds like a classic case of "Christmas Tree Disease" (the green
veins make the leaf look like a pine tree).  This indicates an over
abundance of a trace element that is blocking the uptake of another
trace element. I think the critical items are iron and manganese, with
high iron blocking the manganese. I think The Optimum Aquarium discusses
this. "

You should get at least a pH and kH/gH test kit, (Fe also for us total
converts). Total cost should be about $8 bucks.  My plants talk to me all
the time but sometimes the microwave transmissions from alien life forms are
interfering (Ha!) and I piece theories together with JUST THE FACTS MAM.

Just like in medicine today sometime the cure is a combination of
traditional and the homeopathic approaches.  If I thought I could control
algae with touch-healing, prisms, plant-channeling and telepathy I
would......  awl hell call me old fashion and give me a couple of test kits.