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Sulphur and Trace elements

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From: Greg Morin <greg at seachem_com>
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Cc: romano <romano at pathway1_pathcom.com>
Date: Thursday, February 04, 1999 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: Molybdenum

>>  Sulphur is sixth on the list.
>> Tropica's Master Grow has plenty and yet Flourish has none.
>Umm, you might want to double check either that label or the
>Guaranteed Analysis on our web site... Sulphur is the third component
>listed at 0.23% (2300 ppm) on Flourish.
>-Greg Morin
>Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I apologize for my mistake and see that others on the list have been
notified or I would have done so. Thankyou. While I'm talking with you I
have a question regarding your product "Trace". Could you tell me please
what the ingredients are and what their respective amounts are? In addition,
has Seachem future plans for a separate supplement to "Flourish Iron"
containing trace elements essential to plants with the exception of iron?
This would apply, I suppose, only if "Trace" has elements not applicable to
planted tanks. Your product brochure states that it is intended for "marine
and fresh water" but is "designed to promote macro-algae culture in sea
water." I would very much appreciate your valuable input.

Susan Romano