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More on nitrates

Karen Randall wrote about nitrate supplementing:

> I have no idea why people would want to buy something specifically
> and marketed for the aquarium trade (which automatically makes it more
> expensive) when it is available on every hick town hardware store shelf
> about $6 per pound.  

Karen, couldn't I ask you the same thing about your using Tropica
Mastergrow instead of PMDD?
But then, we both already know the answer. It's for convenience sake. I
just keep hearing about N limited tanks, and folks buying stump remover
only to find out that it may or may not contain KNO3. If it won't fly
economically, then that's fine with me. I understand. I guess that I don't
like the idea that KNO3 is not commercially available to aquatic gardeners
because the feeling is that most people are too dumb to use it.

Pat Bowerman