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Re: SAEs in Maryland

On Feb 3, Jennifer Glover wrote:

>For anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area, The Aquarium Center in
Randallstown has
>a large inventory of Siamese Algae Eaters.  They even have two different
>approx 1.5 inches or 3 inches.  The smaller ones were $1.99 and they all
appeared to
>be the "real" thing.  On the topic of laterite, they carry Substrate Gold,
which is
>an American laterite.  The web page is http://www.aquariumcenter.com/

According to the _Baltimore Business Journal_, this may be the largest LFS
in the USA.  See:

for their article on this store.  When I lived in the Baltimore area some
years ago, I would frequently go there and was impressed at the quality of
their stock and expertise of their employees.  The article touches some on
how they remain highly successful and may be of interest to those on the
list with an interest in the commercial aspects of this hobby.

Doug Skokna in Houston, TX