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low pressure CO2 reactor

I've seen so much going on about reactors lately, so I'm sharing my

         A    B        A: CO2 inlet from regulator or yeast bottle
         ||  ||        B: Water inlet from filter outlet
         ||  ||        Both 4-6 mm hose glued in holes in the cap (C)
         ||  ||
        |      |
        |______|  C
         |    |
        /      \
       /        \
      /          \       
     /            \  D: 0.5 ltr plastic bottle filled with gravel      
     |            |    
     |            |        
     |            |     
     |            |        
     |            |        
     |            |     
     |            |         
     |            |       
     |            |       
     |            |
     |            |           
     | o o o o o o|  E: small holes, Stuff comes out here.....         
The whole thing is submersed. When you start it, it's totally filled
with water, CO2 will eventually fill it up, push water down - excess CO2
escapes the small holes on the bottom.

Reactor efficiency is regulated with water flow

This design is the result of trying both things, CO2 in water (eg on my
canister filters inlet), and water in CO2 - this design. What makes CO2
dissolve in water is contact surface, CO2 consentration and time. This
design at least gives a big contact surface. Efficiency can also be
regulated - probably great for Yeaster's.

I'm currently playing with the idea of putting a more "active" substrate
than gravel in there.. pH is probably really low.....

TIP: With a clear bottle, don't place this thing to close to a light
source - algae will grow in there!

Morten Karlsen,          mailto:markii at online_no