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Re: Molybdenum

Great website recommendations on plant nutrients, James! Just what I was
looking for to brew up some trace elements. I used to use Flourish, not
Kent, although I haven't ruled that out yet if I could determine all of its
ingredients. Upon viewing these websites I was interested to see that iron
is required slightly less than chlorine. Perhaps aquatic plants have
different requirements to terrestrial plants as I've not noticed that
mentioned before in fertilizer recipes. Sulphur is sixth on the list.
Tropica's Master Grow has plenty and yet Flourish has none. Kent is
anybody's guess. Has Dupla ever published all of it's ingredients? Are all
of the elements listed on the Essential Plant Nutrients chart required to
eliminate the Law of the Minimum. If so, no one complete fertilizer has them
all as far as I am aware of. The Beneficial Plant Nutrients were listed as
sodium, silica, cobalt and selenium. Would any or all of these be benefial
to our purpose?

Susan Romano