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Terrarium Plants from Tropica

>Hemigraphis does not do well under water (see the Krib).  Mine last
>about a month before it totally distintegrated.
>I don't understand why Tropica continue to sell this plant and its
>variants without putting a warning in the label.

Tropica _does_ clearly label these plants as non-aquatic in their catalog.
I haven't seen the labels for these (although I have seen the labels for
their aquatic species) so I can't answer why the plants are labeled as they
are.   I asked Claus why the company even produces them.  He told me that
they don't really want to, but when they tried not offering them for a
while, they got so many requests for them that they felt that they had to
offer them once more.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association