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too much K?

I have some problems with my 40g tank:  you all have
been bored to death with my stories about Green
Water.  Well, after Neil Frank's helpful info on the fact
that green water can be caused by BG as well as
green algae, I added Maracyn (erythromycin), in
frustration, and the green water cleared in four days. 
I used 2/3 strengh and a 4 day dosing period (not 5). 
Three days may have been sufficient.  Guess the
organism was a bluegreen!

So, tank has been clear for almost 2 weeks.  But, the
plants are not growing well.  They have stopped
bubbling, which they used to do very well.

Christopher Coleman kindly offered to do some water
testing for me and I sent him a sample.  Results

pH                         6.3
KH                       3.25

Nitrate                    62          / 1
(Nitrogen)               14
Phosphate              0.7
(Phosphorous)     0.23
Calcium                  40
Magnesium             22
Potassium             100          /2
Iron                     0.11

Christopher suggested that there may be too much P
and too much K.  I would agree, but then I would
expect an algae problem (anymore).  I have no algae
that I can find, not even glass algae.  But, the plants
are not growing either.
So, can one have too much K?  Can it retard growth?
Are more water changes all that are required?

Roxanne Bittman