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RE: Laterite

Adam Weingarten has been stocking up on Dupla...

>I'm glad that I bought an extra 1000 grams of dupla laterite a couple on
>months ago.  However, if there is no more dupla laterite, are there any
>other brands which are acceptable alternatives?  Aquarium pharmaceudicals
>just put out a new plant line that looks better then it's old plant pills
>or whatever they were called, the new line includes root tabs, a trace
>element mix, and LATERITE.  I believe that substrate gold is also

Indeed, we need not fear the departure of Dupla for loss of access to
laterite - there are numerous other suppliers of the stuff, and as Adam
noted, more are appearing all the time. There are also enough good quality
liquid fertilizers and micronutrient supplements on the market or we can go
with PMDD. Several hydroponics retailers are getting wise and packaging up
the components for quick sale to aquarists.

But the "hardware junkies" among us will miss all of those expensive little
"toys" carrying the German name. Guess its time to change the song and "turn
Japanese". Sushi anyone???

James Purchase