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Re: dosing PMDD

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Pat Bowerman wrote:

> > On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Grover wrote:
> >  In addition recent posts have been pointing out that the test
> > > kits used are not measuring chelated iron.  The forms of iron
> > > registering on the tests are not the ones being used by plants.

And I responded:

> > If you have rising nitrates, then PMDD probably isn't the indicated
> > solution.

To which Pat responded:

> I don't think that I totally agree with this statement. It is possible that
> potassium, magnesium or some other element may be in short supply thus
> keeping the plants from utilizing the available nitrates. Perhaps the tap
> water is high in nitrates or the fish load is high. The real beauty of PMDD
> is that it can be custom tailored to your needs. The trick is to figure out
> what it is you need.

Like Grover, I'm not interested in discussing whether or not PMDD works.
There are lots of testimonials to it's success, but...

In the absence of any information indicating a deficiency in anything that
can be added with PMDD, why would you recommend that Grover use PMDD to
solve his stated problems?  How should he go about formulating and gaging
his dose (keeping in mind that iron always reads > 0.1 mg/l with his kit
in his water and the plants aren't showing deficiency symptoms)?

Roger Miller