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Re: possible nitrogen deficiency

>I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with.
Yep, I think you miserunderstood my thought. Or maybe my enghish is not
good enough.

> That these symptoms can be
>caused by a nitrogen deficiency?
No, of course not.

>  I did say that there could be other
>causes as well.  Or are you disagreeing that nitrogen deficiency is the
>cause of decreased growth of Crypts in my tanks.
no, of course not again.

>1.  My tanks run nitrogen deficient without regular supplementation
In mines too.

>2.  When allowed to continue in a nitrogen deficient manner, the leaves of
>the Crypts in those tanks become smaller, lighter in color, less bullate
>and less shiny.  
In mines too.

>I will not argue what form of nitrogen Crypts "prefer".
Here it's. That's the point I disagreed with you! Despite the fact that
I've had good results with all the plants in adding nitrates directly in
water column (btw NaNO3, and not KNO3 that will add potassium too without
giving the possibility to understand which is the real deficiency), I've
noticed (and also I read about it) that some plants - among these are all
the crypts - prefer to uptake nutrients by the roots system and prefer
NH3/NH4 form of nitrogen instead of nitrates. As I wrote before "I would go
for a _light_ fertilization of the substrate, with some tablets that
contains nitrogen _also_ in NH3/NH4 form." I had better result with this

ps: why only your answer to me was without your nice signature?<g>